Jeannie Styles & Designs

Jeannie…..A unique fashion “must have” to augment any wardrobe for any season that will flatter your silhouette day or night. Gives your arms a sheer slenderizing look.

  • Jeannie can be worn over or under any garment.
  • Available in a wide variety of styles to suit any body shape.
  • Made from a lightweight stretchy mesh fabric that travels light and needs no ironing.

Shine at the office with a Jeannie™ under a sleeveless dress or blouse and Sparkle at night in your sheer to neck Jeannie under a strapless bustier or evening dress.

  • Jeannie extends your wardrobe in seconds
  • Transforms your silhouette
  • So light and versatile it fits in your handbag for a quick change anytime

You can go anywhere in a Jeannie